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About Us

Maltese & Mediterranean catering, serving exquisite dishes made from the finest produce

Established in 2019 just months before being forced to shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. At the time Briju was the growth path of Chef Rafel Sammut, who back then ran a sandwich shop called The Pulled Meat Company. Working closely with local pig farmers, Sammut realized the dire extent of the situation throughout the local farming industry, as he dug deeper he began to realize that this went far beyond pig farmers.
The search for low mileage, local, sustainable produce began, supporting the local farming community throughout the process

"From day one, Briju was my message and my way of contributing to what should be considered a national emergency and at the top of the agenda for many. Trying to come to terms with how much we stood to lose was difficult. Centuries of craftsmanship, culture and quality produce was now at risk of being lost forever. Over the years, a movement of chefs driven by the love for local produce has been created and it's great to see, however if stronger measures are not taken, the chances for most local farmers are extremely slim."